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"Takako and the Great Typhoon" is BACK! Copies are now available for sale on island and on-line! Learn how to buy!

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Children's illustrated book 'Takako and the Great Typhoon' book pages"Takako and the Great Typhoon" is a colorful, 32-page children's picture book celebrating life in Okinawa, Japan through the escapades of a mischievous little shisa (lion-dog) named Takako. Takako's adventures give us a glimpse into everyday Okinawa as she races through her beloved village on a mission to save her brother from a great and scary typhoon!

Whether you live in Okinawa or across the globe, Takako will take you and the young people in your life on a memorable, incredible journey into the heart of Okinawa.

What our readers say...

"We just got our copy. It is such a sweet story and beautifully illustrated. It will be a wonderful reminder of our daughter's magical birthplace and all the things that make it so special. Thank you!"
- Lori G., New Jersey

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